Precision plastic injection molding

With 37 1-, 2- and 3-component injection molding machines with a closing force of 50-400 tons. Tool maintenance shop for maintenance and modifications. Asian and European tool manufacturers and suppliers for rapid production of high quality injection molding tools.

Flat-bed painting

3 flat-bed automatic Venjakob painting equipment, which is suitable for the use of both water-based and solvent-based paint systems. We are able to create a matte, glossy or UV light-binding, even chrome-colored surface.

Tampon printing

8 pad printing devices, which can be combined with laser devices, even in several colors.

Laser engraving

19 laser engraving devices, even with a camera positioning unit. If necessary, they can be combined with a conveyor belt or even integrated into the assembly line.


Various assembly lines according to customer requirements, which may include visual and functional inspection equipment, greasing and welding equipment, even under ISO 8 level clean room conditions.

SMT production

Production with 2 newly installed Panasonic implant lines with AOI, AXI, reflow and 100% traceability capabilities.

Grow with us!

Our production activities are supported by supporting areas such as a fully equipped measuring room, customer service quality engineering, project engineering, and an engineering team.